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Our team is singularly focused on one objective:  maximize your return. 

We offer honest advice, experienced perspective and the market data to back it up. 

We rely on grit, creativity and resourcefulness to drive outperformance.

Relentless Focus

We oversee the entire sales process lifecycle.  Based on your goals, our team will create a marketing strategy designed to exceed expectations.  We leverage data and creativity to optimize property positioning and maximize value.  We go to great lengths to reach the widest pool of potential buyers and achieve the highest possible sales price.

Sophisticated Presentation

Our team collaborates with industry-leading professionals to position your property as unique and irreplaceable.  Through creative marketing strategies, targeted messaging, stunning photography and beautiful staging, we elevate the style and story of your home.  Our goal is to sell quickly and at the right price.  

Trailblazing Technology

Novo Living offers a modern approach to the sales process.  We are creating leading technology to increase transparency and facilitate a faster, simpler and more data-driven process.

Broad Distribution

We have an extensive network of institutional and individual clients, and very constructive relationships with the brokerage community.  We target the appropriate audience and leverage the most effective channels to drive traffic to your home.

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